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  • Registration is required for abstract submission.
  • All payments should be made via bank transfers. The bank account details will be sent in a confirmation email upon completion of the registration process and are available here.
  • Please note that the registration will not be complete until we receive confirmation of payment of the Conference Fee via e-mail to
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Registration Type Cost
Standard early registration 850.00 PLN (Registration Closed 2013-04-21)
Standard early registration - 850 PLN (paid before 21 April 2013)
Student early registration 600.00 PLN (Registration Closed 2013-04-21)
Student early registration - 600 PLN (paid before 21 April 2013)
Late registration 1200.00 PLN (Registration Closed 2013-06-14)
Late registration for all users (1200 PLN)
Exempt from conference fee registration 0.00 PLN (Registration Closed 2013-06-14)
You need a special registration code from LOC for this type of registration

Registration Manager

Name Summer Solstice 2013 Organising Team